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We magnify leaders and investors effectiveness at building and evolving sustainably profitable, action-driving differentiation in intensely competitive categories.

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We illuminate a new sense of what’s possible.

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Utilizing a series of deeply insightful perspectives and techniques, MMA collaborates with company leaders and investors to identify and elevate the most meaningful and motivating benefits their products, services and experiences can provide. Our approach to harmonizing functional, emotional, and psychological customer wins produces a critically focused lens, through which everything the organization does can be shaped and evaluated.


That lens is your Brand -- turbocharged for maximum connection-making power.


MMA’s Brand strategy and guidance work goes well beyond conventional notions of integration, tapping into meaningful drivers of customer choice and behavior in order to tilt competitive playing fields to our clients’ advantage.

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We are experts at helping businesses and brands realize their full potential.

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In highly actionable ways, MMA introduces Brand with a capital B, a road map to developing and/or accelerating significant, motivating differentiation. 


Our proven understanding of how brands can drive behavior in ways that enrich lives impacts HR, recruitment, training, operations and culture development, as much as it drives the more visible expressions of Brand: product, service, and program development, 2D and 3D design, all forms of marketing and communications.

At the heart of the Brand with a capital B framework, MMA’s pioneering Brand Genome™ construct, perspectives and methodology have consistently catalyzed notable success in a wide range of categories, market dynamics, company lifestages and organizational settings.


Our results are durable and transformative.

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Brand strategy consulting
for companies of all sizes and lifestages
  • Development  • Acceleration  • Turnaround

Leadership and board advisory

Non-executive board director

Brand Genome™ introduction, coaching and mentoring

Advanced custom market research:
qualitative and quantitative 

End-to-end brand identity development

Creative direction and brand storytelling

            Agency and resource identification                

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Michael Markowitz, Founder and President

A seasoned strategist, Michael concentrates on creating action-motivating differentiation for products, services, experiences and organizations in categories and segments where customers have an abundance, and often overabundance, of choice.

Since MMA’s inception, his insights into how to address deep human needs through the seemingly prosaic entities called “brands” have inspired countless leaders, their teams, and investors.

From an early career as a music industry entrepreneur, Michael became a dynamic leader in the global advertising industry, where he led two Ogilvy agencies: Euramerica in New York and Ogilvy & Mather East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 


As the advertising business deserted unique client-agency partnerships in favor of industrial buyer-vendor arrangements, Michael founded MMA to further develop his work on brand and enterprise differentiation and nurture the rich professional relationships that are a hallmark of his career.

Central to what Michael brings to the table is a rare combination of high-level strategic skills and boots-on-the-ground experience in the complex daily realities of businesses and organizations. Michael's, and MMA's team of seasoned SME's, driving focus is on concrete, measurable outcomes, while catalyzing a lasting understanding of how an elevated view of Brand can consistently drive competitive advantage.

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Non-confidential details of our work for these and other clients are available.

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Michael is without peer in his understanding of how brands work and how to make them work better. He’s a substantive storyteller, gifted at getting to the root of the best expression of a brand and the best way to bind a customer to that brand. I’ve been his colleague and his client over a span of 20 years, and he’s perennially at the top of my “people I need to work with again” list.

Neal Yanofsky

Independent Strategy Consultant & Board Member

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For more information or an initial conversation please get in touch.

Thank you!

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